Company Spendings,
Smarter and Faster

Levaro combines the most important internal finance processes like invoice approvals, subscriptions, travel expenses and more into an integrated workflow to maximize time savings. 

Save Time in the
Internal Finance Process

Approve new requests for purchases, invoices, travel spendings, and subscriptions in one single tool on every device. Save up to 85% of the time you previously spent on those. With Levaro, every department can manage their expenses independently and without previous knowledge.

Manage Subscriptions
the Smart Way

See all your company’s subscriptions and contracts at a glance. You’ll be automatically reminded via slack or email when deals are about to be renewed, or invoices are missing. From now on, employees can upload their invoices directly to Levaro.

Seamless Integration
into Existing Systems

With Levaro, you can finish your preparatory accounting in just a few clicks. All data can be transferred 100% digitally and without any media discontinuity – even to your bookkeeping system.

Simple Travel Requests
and Expense Reports

Request new trips and transfer your receipts centrally and GoDB-compliant to Levaro. Automate your expense reports and money refunds digitally and easily – without any Excel chaos.

Real-Time Reporting and
Transparent Budgets

Track the expenses and budgets of your employees, departments, projects, and cost centers in real-time at one glace. Control precisely which employee sees which spendings. You will be notified automatically just before your budget is used up.

Structured Accounting
for Tax Advisors

With Levaro, you can offer your clients an all-in-one solution for pre-structuring receipts as well as invoices and easily transmitting it to your accounting system. By assigning the documents to corresponding cost centers, they are already structured in a way that you can easily use them. This results in a faster and more efficient communication with your clients so that you can focus on the tasks that really matter.

Virtual and Physical
Credit Cards

Coming soon: Keep control of your spendings with virtual cards. Online purchases and subscriptions become safer with special virtual cards that have a unique card number for each payment. Any Levaro user can request it within a few seconds.

Highest Data
Protection Standards

Levaro is designed to ensure maximum security of your data – from redundant storage networks, backup solutions, and firewall rules to access control and data transmission. All companies we work with must be committed to the highest possible standards.

Built with Industry Experts

“The finance function can profit significantly from Levaro’s technology. It increases the data quality, provides real insights into your company’s spendings and prevents frequent accounting errors like lost invoices or duplicate payments.”

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Ernstberger – Professor of Financial Accounting at TU Munich

“Levaro is a top notch FinTech Startup from Munich, offering a breakthrough SaaS solution, enabling small-to-medium enterprises to save time and money by automizing the entire internal financial process from purchase request to payment in one tool.”

Andy Goldstein – Co-Founder & Managing Director at Deloitte Digital GmbH